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ETRO Io Myself

ETRO Io Myself Eau De parfum 100ml Spray

ETRO Io Myself Eau De parfum 100ml Spray

Etro's new fragrance dedicated to him, but which also leaves the door open for her. Within the bottle, adorned with silver Paisley foliage, the heart of the liquid is warmed by the embrace of Turkish rose and saffron, the golden Middle-Eastern spice which softens the intensity of the cedar bark and heralds a blazing sunset, with lavish visions and illusions, which evoke the frozen Tartar nights spent under the shelter of yurts. The base notes, like a precious rug infused with earthy, animal overtones of amber and musk, perceives the warmth of the precious plants of the nomads across the globe: cistus labdanum, which tells a story of summer strolls through the coastal pastures of Crete and Cyprus, Honduran styrax, a plant extract with a hint of cinnamon, agarwood, sweet and smoky, the most noble of all artisan perfumery ingredients, obtained from the resinous "tears" of the sacred Agarwood tree and which in Asia is valued more highly than gold.

Price: 118.00 (Including VAT at 20%)